YouTube Community Tab: Everything about using this feature

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YouTube is jam-packed with tools and features to help creators make interesting video posts. Creators having access to the Community posts can interact with viewers using rich media tools provided by the platform. These Community posts usually include polls, GIFs, text, images, and videos to let creators know about the video-making market dynamics. The Community Tab can allow you to keep in touch with your audience outside of the videos you have uploaded, it also gives a detailed insight into the audience feedback. By using the Community Tab, the creator can boost video views on his/her channel, as they get a clear idea about audience likes and dislikes. One can use this tool to enhance their video making business. Here in this article check out how you can use the Community Tab.

Eligibilities for using YouTube Community Tab?

Video creators with over 1000 subscribers can have an access to the YouTube Community posts. Apparently, it takes up to one week to get access to the Community tab after surpassing 1,000 subscribers on the platform. If the creators channel is eligible for the Community tab, the channel owner need to enable custom channel layouts in order to start using it. The creator can change the settings from their computer by following the instructions.

How to see your Community Posts?

  1. Sign In to YouTube Studio
  2. From the left menu, select Content option
  3. Then click on to the Posts tab

Benefits of using YouTube Community Tab:

By using YouTube Community Tab, creators can engage with their channel subscribers and audience who watch their videos. The Community Tab is like a Facebook page wall that allows creators to update the status updates, ask questions, encourage visitors to ask questions, create polls with fans and do much more. This feature also motivates creators to make interesting as well as working videos. They can also have an idea about what people expects from them. Creators can schedule their community tab posts to make any announcements. These posted can be accessed by new visitors in a special tab dedicated to community posts.

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How to take advantage of YouTube Community Tab? 

  1. Gather data about what your audience loves/hates about your channel
  2. Gives real feedbacks on your content, which can help you create content
  3. Notify your subscribers/channel visitors with big announcements 
  4. Have a special mentions, announcements a special tab for easy access 
  5. Help yourself to build a personal connection with the visitors and subscribers 

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