What happens when you hit 1K (1000) views on YouTube?

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All the beginner YouTubers know the real struggles of garnering good metrics on YouTube with videos. Having a great number of video views, subscribers, likes, and comments add to the performance of video on the platform. YouTube has mandatory eligibility criteria when it comes to monetizing the channel and allowing creators to make money from the AdSense. One must have more than 1000 subscribers, 10,000 views and 4,000 valid public watch hours on the channel. Channels that fit into these eligible criteria can be monetized for YouTube’s paid partnership. Views matter the most on any YouTube channel. A great number of views can bring ads and also boost the brand value of the channel. If you want to get views on your videos rapidly, then you can consider purchasing Youtube views from sites such as Viewsfly.com. These paid services are reasonable and work effectively for any channel.

How can a YouTube channel with 1k views help you?

  • If your YouTube channel reaches 1000 views, then no major changes will take place on your channel. On the other side, if your channel reaches 1000 Subscribers, then the channels can become eligible for monetization.

  • For earning money from YouTube’s paid partnership, the creator needs to first monetize the channel. With more than the expected count of metrics- views, watch hours and subscribers count.

  • Garnering subscribers and views count for monetization have become an achievable feat now-a-days. However garnering 4000 watch hours from your YouTube videos is not that easy. One must have patience while waiting to complete these metrics.

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