How to earn money from YouTube Shorts

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Have you been looking for ways to earn money from YouTube Shorts? Then you are at the correct place to discover how you can build a passive income stream from YouTube shorts videos. YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan recently said that the firm is planning to start making the payments to creators from this month onwards. YouTube is all set to pay creators up to $10,000(Rs. 7,43,893) per month for creating and sharing YouTube Shorts on the video hosting platform. This Google-owned platform is paving the way for all the content creators who prefer creating small-sized videos.

YouTube shorts were rolled out in India and other countries in September last year when India announced a complete ban on the use of Chinese-owned TikTok apps due to the users’ privacy and national security concerns. YouTube Shorts were launched in more than 100 countries and it garnered attention.

Now the question is can I monetize youtube shorts? Well, of course, yes. Creators can start earning from the YouTube Shorts based on the condition of the content that is authentic and absolutely original. YouTube would deploy its monetary support to all the shorts creators in all the different regions as per a planned programme. India, the US, Brazil, and a few other countries are included in the programme list.

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Criteria to start earning from YouTube Shorts:

  • Channels need to have uploaded videos, wherein there is at least one eligible shorts video in last 180 days
  • The shorts video needs to be absolutely authentic and original (no reposted shorts videos will be eligible)
  • Those who post same content (with logos, watermarks from the rival platforms) as that of others won’t be considered for the paid programme
  • The creators age category for India is 18 and depends as per the policies of a country
  • In order to start earning, the creators need to accept new terms and conditions for YouTube shorts
  • Then the creator needs to link their active AdSense account

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