Ways to measure the success of YouTube channel

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There are many ways of measuring the success of a YouTube channel based on the video metrics as well as the overall channel performance. Knowing where the YouTube channel stands is extremely important because that’s how one can focus on evolving further. Content creators often measure their success with the number of views they garner on each video. Some measure the success with the cash amount they earn through AdSense via video views. Views count and watch time plays importance as it paves the path to success. That’s one of the reasons why YouTubers are always concerned about their video views. Even many prefer buying views to give a rapid push to their channel as well as videos. Buying views online for cheaper to average price not only gives views but also builds the brand of the YouTube channel. Buying views for YouTube videos also helps creators monetize alongside improving the engagement rates on the channel. If you too want to buy views online, then consider giving a try to Viewsfly. This online portal is not only affordable, but also gives working views which improves the channel’s ranking performances. Now that you know the importance of the video views on YouTube platform, check out how you can measure the success of any channel.

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Check out effective ways of measuring YouTube channel’s success:

Views performance:

Just by paying attention to the views count on channel or overall videos, one can measure the success of their channel. Views not only define success, it also reveals how the content creator is doing his/her job. Good quality and engaging content will reflect a great number of views. And in some cases views could be the purchased ones. Many creators prefer skipping all the hassle just by purchasing the views online/offline for their channel. However, one should keep in mind how YouTube works and how online portals give them views.

Audience engagement:

No matter how many views your channel videos have or how many subscribers the channel has, its success can be easily predicted with the rate of audience engagement. Comments, Likes, Dislikes and Shares are included in the audience engagements. The more the audience gives feedback to your channel, the more possibilities in improved ranking of the videos. Thus many creators keep interesting questions, hilarious scenes and engaging parts in the video to prompt the audience to react to the video. By keeping a close track on audience engagement rates, one can measure the success of the channel.

Subscribers count:

Generally users on YouTube platforms subscribe to those channels, they expect to keep up with all the updates about. Creators with great branding skills, influencers, celebrities usually have more subscribers than other channels. The video content also plays a crucial role when it’s about prompting the audience to subscribe to your channel. Once the channel has a great number of subscribers it means that there is an expected number of audience waiting to watch the newly uploaded videos. Thus subscribers count is also reliable while judging the channel’s success.

Watch time hours:

Even if you have a great number of subscribers or approximately a fixed number of views, there are chances that people are skipping your video in the midst. This might be because of the content. If the audience doesn’t like the video content, they will immediately switch to another. On the other side, YouTube has its algorithms of judging the engagement rates. The more people prefer spending time watching your videos, the more YouTube will make efforts to promote your channel on search engine results page (SERP). Thus keep in mind to pay attention to the watch time hours on your channel, this is also one of the mandatory criteria in monetizing the channel. 

YouTube analytics:

Over the years YouTube has evolved like no other social media application. Having a great number of audience base, YouTube has introduced many interesting tools. Content creators and channel owners have access to the YouTube Studio wherein they can check the analytics of the channel. Analytics not only showcases the real performance of each video, but also gives a clear idea about the type of audience visiting the channel, the age category which preferred watching certain videos and geographical regions which showed interest in watching the videos, etc.

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