Different ways to increase YouTube watch time in 2021

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Many ask why it is important to increase the watch time hours on YouTube. Well, the simple answer is to make channels eligible for monetization. For monetization, the channel needs valid watch time on videos up to 4000 hrs and 10000 subscribers count on the channel. Thus YouTube video views matter is garnering all these metrics. One needs to make content that attracts more and more views each day, thereby improving the channel’s overall watch time in one year. Either one can spend time and money in producing good content or prefer buying YouTube views online for an affordable price. Now you would ask how to buy YouTube views for cheaper price tags? Is it safe to buy YouTube video views online? Well, yes it is absolutely safe to buy YouTube views.

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Know what is YouTube watch time:

Watch time hours on YouTube videos is basically the total number of minutes the audience/subscribers have watched your videos on the channel. Watch time is one of the most important metrics while being on the path to success in YouTube business. Channels with high watch time hours usually perform well on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). And YouTube also promotes these types of channels often. 

Tips to increase YouTube watch time:

  1. Piggy back on the social media /YouTube trends 
  2. Know your audience and know what they love watching 
  3. Find out which type of videos are working on your channel 
  4. Build a social media community to insure that they watch your videos regularly
  5. Pay attention to weekly/monthly track of your watch time hours on channel, to learn which type of videos are bringing views
  6. Know about the right time of publishing videos on YouTube as well as on social media platforms
  7. Curate a playlist for new visitors, this will improve views count as well as watch hours
  8. Use attractive thumbnails for videos. This will bring you good views count on channel
  9. Use Cards and End Slates to let the audience know about your popular videos. This will bring more and more organic/inorganic views count on the channel 
  10. Launch the teaser for your channel or important video to keep audience waiting for the release of main video
  11. Make sure to use YouTube analytics for real insights of channel videos. This will give you a clear idea of how the channel’s videos are performing in terms of views and watch time.

Why is increasing YouTube watch time crucial?

Increasing the watch time on YouTube is crucial because that’s how you know the audience/subscribers are watching your videos regularly. Having complete knowledge of YouTube studio is important to learn the analytics of your videos and how they are garnering views organically (the views could be inorganic in some cases if you have purchased them). Many prefer buying views to increase the watch time of videos to become eligible for monetization. Many also prefer buying views online if they are preparing to collaborate with any of the brands or influencers. 

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