Is Buying Youtube Views Safe?

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YouTube has become a serious career option for many now. Garnering views, likes, subscribers and comments have become crucial points in becoming a successful YouTuber. Thus all the content creators plan their video productions in a way that works as a views-gaining machine. If you have been struggling to get views on your channel, then here’s your guide to how you can get views by other means for instant growth. Know is buying YouTube views safe and how YouTube reacts to such fake views on the platform.

Importance of having views on YouTube channel:

The importance of views for any video or channel depends on how a YouTuber wants to use his / her channel for making money. Most people think video views are the most important metric on the channel, however, it is not for all the channels. YouTube keeps working on its algorithms and tech supports that enable YouTuber’s to reach their real audience and get more views. YouTube fairly gives an opportunity for all the content creators to garner views if all the SEO and keywords games are proper.

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Is buying YouTube views safe?

Yes, is it absolutely safe to buy YouTube views. But to buy real youtube views is the most important factor. Many YouTubers and celebrities reportedly also make their channel look extravaganza by buying the views for their channel. You might think it’s unhealthy for your channel or might affect the performance. However, that’s not the case.

YouTuber’s should also be aware of the fact that YouTube officially doesn’t allow anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics on any channel. YouTube’s policies are against the use of automatic systems or serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers. YouTube has its own algorithms and tech setups that identify fake views and engagement. In some cases, YouTube might also end up taking action against the channel owners. Nobody knows how YouTube detects fake views, however, there have been instances when YouTube vanishes all the views on channels( probably because of fake views).

Tips to how to boost video on youtube:

  1. Create engaging and compelling videos on your channel
  2. Introduce interesting schemes and offers to encourage viewers to Subscribe, Like and Comment on your channel
  3. Curate a playlist for your audience and keep them updated
  4. Promote other videos by putting end screens or cards on your latest ones
  5. Make sure your videos are embedding enabled
  6. Promote your videos on other social channels as well

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