Tips To Increase Average View Duration On YouTube

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YouTube is surely a space for popularity contests. The more the content is popular, the more engagement metrics will be found on the videos. YouTube has highly advanced algorithms to detect the audience’s interest and top searches. Only videos appear in the top trending list that have greatly valued content, videos that are well promoted, or the ones with higher viewership demand. Among all the other metrics, the average view duration percentage is highly valued in the YouTube community. It reflects the real value of the channel/video’s overall performance. Here’s everything you need to know about average view duration on YouTube.

Everything about average view duration:

What Is Average View Duration?

The analytics section on YouTube displays average view duration, this is to help creators know the intrinsic value of their videos. Average view duration is the total watch time of video divided by the total number of video plays, including all the replays on the channel. This metric is measured as per how your video keeps the audience engaged on the platform. If the channel has videos that don’t keep viewers hooked, their average view duration numbers will be unimpressive. Creators usually focus on boosting this metric when they aim to organically grow their channels. Impressive numbers of average view duration beef up the video search and recommendations rankings on the platform. YouTube’s algorithms promote those videos that have good audience engagement rates. One can find this metric report from the watch time report section in YouTube Studio. Good average view duration range should be more than 50% or 60%.

Ways to increase average view duration on YouTube:

1. Start video with an amazing intro:

You can introduce yourself in each video, however, the introduction needs to be real quick as well as interesting. Experienced YouTubers keep it stylish and they use catchphrases to steal the attention of the viewers. Few creators prefer showing content glimpses as the intro. This lets their viewers know in advance what they can expect from the whole video. Edit it stylishly and keep it trendy.

2. Strategically edit the videos:

Pay attention to how big creators on the platform are editing their videos. Just by making a few crucial changes in the editing style, creators can get good watch hours. No one would watch videos that are confusing and has no clear message at the end. Plan ahead and strategically shoot the content. Choose attractive effects and texts while editing. Consider the timeline of the video and divide it into parts such as introduction, content brief, real content, and the message for the viewers. Go easy with the flow of the video.

3. Break the video into chapters:

All the viewers landing on the channel might not be interested in watching a complete video. To keep attracting such viewers, you must create video chapters and add titles or info about the context. Video chapters are the portions of the video that guide users with the timeline of a lengthy video. One can easily jump to any random point and the guideline would be the video chapters. Here’s how you can create chapters: 

  • Sign in to your YouTube Studio
  • Select Content from the left menu and then click the video that you want to edit
  • Now click on the Show More option. Under this click on the Automatic Chapters 
  • Now select ‘Allow automatic chapters 

4. Use high volume keywords:

Choose your video keywords wisely. Include high-volume keywords in the title, description, and tags. Using keywords that have high search volumes optimizes video easily on YouTube. It helps creators organically grow their channels. Use suitable keywords as hashtags on the video. One of the healthy SEO practices that big content creators use is naming their video files with high-volume keywords. Perfect keyword setting can instantly improve video performances. 

5. Tell good stories:

One thing all the big creators have in common is that they tell great stories through videos. YouTubers create a special bond with their audience using the storytelling technique. Shoot a Q&A session, keep your audience updated with interesting things happening in your life as a content creator, and interact with your audience. Let the audience know why you post such types of videos and connect with them. 

6. Keep the content entertaining:

We all skip watching videos that are not interesting or don’t appear attractive. Make videos that are entertaining and yet deliver the core message. Creators use memes and funny dialogues to make their videos more appealing. Use your comic sense and make it worth watching. The video content should prompt users to come back to your channel.

7. Use YouTube analytics to boost video performances:

Subscriber counts to video engagement rates, each metric on YouTube matters when one wants to put their channel on the track of success. YouTube made it easy for the content creators by introducing the YouTube Studio. Video creators can easily access video analytics to analyze the performance of each of the videos. The analytics section highlights watch time hours, average view duration, engagement rates, traffic sources, audience type, viewership trends, unique viewers, and much more. 

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