What Does 4000 Watch Hours Mean On YouTube?

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To make passive earnings from YouTube’s paid partnership program, one must monetize their channel. Subscriber counts and watch hours are two main eligibility criteria for monetizing the channel. Almost all the creators on YouTube are in the race for garnering more and more watch hours and other engagement metrics. The watch time section can be tracked from YouTube’s analytics section. For all the right reasons the term- 4000 watch hours in views is hyped in the YouTube community. Here’s everything you need to know about 4000 watch hours on YouTube videos and why every creator should focus on improving this particular metric to grow their channel exponentially.

All about 4000 watch hours on YouTube:

What does watch hours on YouTube mean?

Content creators must post videos on their channel to garner viewership and watch hour metrics. Watch hour is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers/visitors spend watching your videos on YouTube. The channel should be public to achieve this metric. Generally, videos that perform well on the channel have higher overall viewing sessions. To monetize the YouTube channel, creators must garner 4000 plus watch hours in the span of 12 months. Watch time hours directly refers to audience interest in the video content or the channel.

How long does it take to achieve 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

Creators with great content can easily achieve 4000 watch hours in 6 months span or it might also take longer depending on the content type and video-making style. You can simplify the calculation in the following manner:

One hour equals 60 minutes and thus 4000 hours x 60 minutes = 240,000 minutes. To achieve 4000 watch hours on your YouTube channel, you must generate a sufficient count of videos to generate 240,000 minutes as your channel watch hour. If all of your videos reach 1000 views( videos with 10-15 mins timeline), then you need to post estimated 250 videos before monetizing the channel. Experienced creators spend their time producing quality content and they easily manage to make . Their videos are not too lengthy and they manage to attract the audience.

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How does YouTube counts 4000 watch hours?

If you think YouTube would consider the watch hours of videos that you posted a few years back for monetization, then you are certainly wrong. YouTube keeps a moving time frame to count the watch hours. This time frame generally records the data of videos posted in 365 days (12 months). However, YouTube keeps it a fair game for creators by keeping it a one-time achievement task which is required only to apply for the monetization program. Once the channel is monetized it’s all creators’ choice how they want to improve the watch hours.

What happens when you get 4000 watch hours on your channel?

Even if you manage to garner 4000 watch hours on YouTube, you still need 1000 subscribers to monetize your channel before starting to earn from the AdSense. As per YouTube’s paid partnership guidelines, watch hours created from the Ad campaigns from Google AdWords for monetization is not a viable plan. Also, watch hours garnered on the channel through Private, Unlisted, Deleted, Stories, and Shorts won’t be counted as real watch hour metrics for monetization.

After the channel hits all the eligibility criteria for YouTube’s monetization program, the team sends the creators an official mail. YouTube congratulates the creator and notifies them about being eligible for the paid partnership program and that they can start earning from the channel.  YouTube also sends the mails when the channel gets rejected for the monetization program.

How to track watch hours on YouTube?

  1. Open the YouTube app on your phone
  2. Click on the Account option i.e. profile icon on the top right corner 
  3. Below YouTube Studio, click the Watch Time option
  4. The page would display daily average watch time

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