How To Get 4000 YouTube Watch Hours On Videos Fast

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Free video streaming platform, YouTube keeps adding new guidelines for creators for its paid partnership programme. Creators are mandated to garner a set amount of views count, watch time hours as well as subscribers before applying for monetization. The team of YouTube analyses each of the channels before approving it for the monetization programme. Creators make money from the platform after garnering video metrics. The earnings are totally dependent on the ads shown on the channel videos, which is tracked by Google AdSense. In order to make good money from the channel, creators must upscale their metrics on the platform, which mainly includes subscriber base, engagement rates such as likes, impressions, watch time hours and views count. Here’s everything you need to know how YouTubers can garner 4000 watch hours before applying for a monetization programme. Know the tricks to garner these metrics fast. One of the ways to monetize channels fast is by buying the views online from websites such as Views that you purchase online are potential enough to turn them into real video watch hours. This way you can rapidly monetize your channel.

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Eligibility for YouTube paid partnership programme:

Almost everywhere (country/region), YouTube paid partnership programmes are the same. A YouTube video creator must garner more than 4,000 valid public watch hours and more than 1,000 subscribers within the span of 12 months.

What counts as video watch time on YouTube?

YouTube has its own highly-advanced algorithms to judge the video performances on the platform. If you want to understand how YouTube counts watch time hours on any channel, then know that YouTube only considers Public watch as the real video watch time hours. Meaning the creator needs to have visitors who’ve clicked the play button on videos and have watched videos for some time. One can get millions of views count, however, it’s not necessary that for each view count they get enough watch hours. Creators must follow a few tricks and adopt changes in video production for garnering the watch time hour metrics to monetize the channel. 

Effective ways to get 4000 watch time hours on YouTube channel:

  1. Improve YouTube video quality: Creators must understand that the primary reason why visitors would prefer coming back to their channel is because of the content. One doesn’t like watching videos with poor video, audio, editing qualities. Also, this digital evolved era has made people have less attention span. Thus you shall not lose your audience because of slow videos. Create videos with on-point content and smartly execute the viral topics
  2. Improve SEO: It’s no longer a secret that YouTube crawls all the videos on the platform to present it on the search list of users searching for any video topic. The crawling is primarily based on the keyword ranks, regions, public interest as well as user interests. Creators must know about the trending topics, keywords with great volume, correct ways of using tags and hashtags in the videos. Focus on optimizing the title and descriptions. By improving SEO games on the platform, one can garner more watch time hours in less period of time
  3. Make attractive thumbnails: Thumbnails are potential enough to turn impressions into real video views. If the SEO is great on your channel, your impressions rates would be high. However, to turn these impressions into real video views the thumbnails should prompt the visitors to click the play button instantly. Use attractive, colorful text on thumbnails and keep tracking the performances in a timely manner. The manual clicks by your audience will give you real video watch time hours.
  4. Promote videos on social media platforms: If you have a trustworthy fanbase on social media platforms, then make use of them. You can share the YouTube video URL as posts on your social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. This practise will bring new visitors to your channel. People who follow you on social media would definitely want to know what type of videos you make.
  5. Make trending videos: Creators certainly can’t perform well on YouTube platform, without making trending/viral videos. Trending videos are nothing but the high search terms based on the season, time of the year, locations, audience base as well as new inventions. Social media platforms showcase the list of trending topics including YouTube and Google Trends. Understand how you can make videos based on these trends to garner more and more video views and watch time hours
  6. Use YouTube analytics: YouTube launched its Studio to help creators monitor the performance on the platform. YouTube Studio allows creators to see views, impressions, watch time hours, audience engagement rates, earning estimates, etc. By paying attention to the analytics of videos, one can understand which types of videos work well for their channel. Creators can make better decisions based on their analytical performances.
  7. Collaborate with big creators: If you know a few YouTubers personally or if you are friends with them on social media, then consider talking to them about collaborations. Collaborate with the ones with better audience base and fan following. This will pave a way for your channel.
  8. Focus on channel niche: One of the ways creators miss out on garnering real views and audience base on their channel is because of wasting time paying attention to all the other things, instead of focusing on channel niche. If a creator has a decent amount of subscribers, he/she must satisfy these subscribers (who like to watch similar videos which you have posted earlier). Creators must post the needed videos first and later can think about piggy backing the viral trends.

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