How To Identify If YouTube Video Views Are Real Or Fake?

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You might have this question in mind, how can a common person analyze the success of any YouTube channel? Just monitor the view counts and you can learn many things about the channel. YouTube video views directly reflect the success of any channel because it is closely associated with the channel’s impression rates, engagement rates, and progress rates. Creators need not deep dive into the analytics section, just by simply paying attention to their video views on engagement ratio, one can know if the channel views are fake or real. Video views are crucial metrics to analyze the progress of any channel. 

Almost all the video creators are in the race to garner video views. Many who want to monetize their channel often end up opting for unethical ways to boost engagement rates. Buying video views is not completely illegal in India and other countries. However, the ways service providers use to direct video views to their client can affect the channel’s performance. Knowing if the video views are real or fake is mandatory if one wants to safeguard their channel. If you are looking forward to buying real and trustworthy views for your channel, then subscribe to Viewsfly’s paid plans. You won’t regret it! Here are a few interesting ways to see if your YouTube video views are fake or real.

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Ways to identify if YouTube video views are fake or real:

1. Overview traffic sources:

The Traffic Source section from YouTube Analytics has the actual report about your videos garnering an audience from all the other platforms. It displays the actual report about how your viewers found video within YouTube and external sources. The traffic sources could be direct, referral, and search. Based on your YouTube engagement rates, social media followers, and promotional campaigns, you can judge the number of views on your videos. If you see traffic coming from an unrecognized platform, then the video views could be fake.

2.  Know when video views are high and watch time hours are low:

A lot of YouTubers experience this, their YouTube videos would have a good amount of views but it doesn’t reflect the watch time hours. Watch time hours are one of the crucial metrics in monetizing the channel. Creators must manage to garner at least 4000 hours x 60 minutes = 240,000 minutes before applying for the paid partnership program with YouTube. When your video views are significantly high and when watch time hours are significantly low, know that something is wrong with your channel.

To have a proper understanding of why users are dropping your videos, you can check the analytics in detail. Log in to your YouTube account, go to the Analytics section and then click the Views Reports button. On the left side, click the Audience Retention option. Here you can type the video title to see the timeline status where users have dropped the video. If your users haven’t really watched your videos and yet there is a massive boost in the views count, then know that these are fake views.

3. When views to engagement ratios have huge differences:

Having good engagement on the YouTube channel signifies that all the other metrics reach their expected point such as impression rates, subscribers, likes, dislikes counts, watch time hours, etc. If you see any of the metrics not reaching the average level when the views are significantly high, then you need to pay attention to your channel.

Have you seen YouTube videos with millions of views and yet they manage to garner only a few comments, likes, and dislikes? Well, this is a perfect case of fake views. If the video has organic views, the audience would engage in sharing feedback. If the views are fake there would be no audience feedback despite the views count being massive. As a good strategy for your channel, analyze the ratio of views to engagement rates and know if the views are fake. If you struggle to compare these metrics, pay attention to your competitor’s channel. See if their videos have the same engagement rates and views.

Reasons why creators buy YouTube views?

  1. To make YouTube videos go viral
  2. To bring YouTube videos in trends list
  3. To make good business on the YouTube platform
  4. To monetize their channel
  5. To collaborate with the brands
  6. To improve the audience engagement rates
  7. To increase the brand value

Brief about Viewsfly:

Viewsfly is one of the popular in the YouTube space to provide paid views services. The platform is well-established in meeting the needs of YouTubers in matters of views counts. Viewsfly provides promotional staging to their clients and helps them grow by exposing their videos to the right type of audience. You can easily get subscribed to Viewsfly’s paid programs to boost the video views. 

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