How To Get More Views On YouTube Shorts?

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After the Indian government officially banned TikTok, Facebook-owned Instagram rolled out its short video streaming tool i.e Reels for Indian users. In just a few months, YouTube also rolled out its limited beta version for YouTube Shorts. Just like TikTok, YouTube allows creators to post short videos with trending music. The best thing about this option is that creators can post both the type of videos- Shorts and the main YouTube videos. If you are struggling to garner good views on your YouTube Shorts, then you must know these few tricks. And if you wish to easily get views on your channel, then get subscribed to paid views plans by The paid plans on this portal are affordable and the views are real that can put your channel on track to success.

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Ways to get more views on YouTube Shorts:

1. Use relevant hashtags:

YouTube has adopted advanced mechanisms to support its user base, allowing the creators to use hashtags on the platform. This is to optimize the video as per the search engine algorithms. Using correct and relevant hashtags on YouTube Shorts improves searchability and video visibility on the ranking page. Optimized hashtags significantly improve the performance of the Shorts thereby attracting more viewers. Using a hashtag will group keywords and related topics, which makes it easier for a viewer to find any video. However, the only condition is to use the correct hashtags. Avoid using spelling errors, repetition or wrong hashtags in the Shorts. 

2. Make attractive shorts:

We all are aware of the fact that Content Is King in the YouTube business. No YouTube channel can make good business without rolling out great content. Although one can manage getting more views, the earnings from the monetization program are directly dependent on the views count and engagement rates. The audience engagement metrics can only be achieved with good content. To make your YouTube shorts work well, you need to make attractive Shorts with an aim and added value. Use trending filters and songs to attract viewers. 

3. Follow a niche:

One can not make every other type of video and still keep their audience hooked. However, one can follow a niche and excel in them to keep their audience satisfied with quality content. Following niche is suggested to garner more views for videos and Shorts. Categories such as Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Gaming, and others are greatly in demand. Know which niche your content falls into and make attractive videos.

4. Give shorts enough time to perform:

What many content creators miss out is not giving enough time for their channel to grow. Unless you promote your YouTube videos professionally or unless your content is extremely impactful, the videos on YouTube algorithms won’t perform effectively. YouTube takes time to crawl your videos. As a content creator, you must give enough time for your videos to grow. After you post the Shorts, monitor their performance, change the hashtags as per the trends on the platform.

5. Reuse top performing topics:

To analyze which type of Shorts are working on your channel, you need to post at least 10-20 Shorts. After posting many of them using different themes and subjects, analyze which type of Shorts have worked well for your channel. Rescue the topics which have worked well differently. Tweak the style of Shorts and use it differently in new one. 

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