Tips To Go Viral With YouTube Shorts Video in 2022

go viral with youtube shorts,

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube rolled out its beta version of Shorts in India on September 14, 2020.

The beta version of Shorts enables users to watch and create 15-second videos with musical overlays just like the TikTok and Reel videos. With impressive social media campaigns, YouTube seems to be pacing towards attracting a wider user base. Unlike other short video streaming platforms, YouTube Shorts- through its features allows creators to add music from approx 250 music labels and publishers. However, videos that use third-party music can only be up to 15 seconds in length.

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Five tips to grow YouTube Channel with Shorts and go viral:

1. Determine the niche: 

Content creators often struggle to put their YouTube channels on the success track. This is because they don’t have a proper production plan and niche determined. If one wants to grow their channel and get video views with YouTube Shorts, one must determine the channel niche first. YouTube Shorts should be in sync with the normal videos posted on the channel. Determining the niche also helps creators keep up with their loyal audience base. The creator can introduce the channel’s existing audience with new video trends and styles. However, only a relatively similar type of content in the form of Shorts would keep their audience hooked.

2. Piggyback the viral trends: 

Piggybacking social media trends is one of the best ways to boost organic traffic. Even big creators make videos on viral social media topics to attract new visitors. Videos on trending subjects always help in growing the channel organically. The search volume of trending topics helps with attracting all the other metrics such as impressions, subscribers, and audience engagement. Indulge in making 2-3 Shorts each week that doesn’t affect your normal YouTube post schedule.  

3. Use top hashtags: 

YouTube growth hackers never take hashtags lightly. Using suitable hashtags on normal YouTube videos. It helps in the organic visibility of the videos on the search list. Use high-ranking keywords as Hashtags on the Shorts too. Audiences searching with popular keywords usually explore hashtags to search for new content. Hashtags make it easier for them to search specific content on one go. Make sure you use correct and trending hashtags to reach your target audience. 

4. Be consistent:

The key to success on YouTube is consistency. Creators with good audience engagement rates, pull out passive income from their channels. And only those creators have good engagement rates, who are consistent at posting videos keeping the niche intact. Consistency keeps the target audience piqued on the channel. If you add value to your target audience, they will be a part of the engagement. 

5. Improve video quality: 

One thing all the big creators on YouTube have in common is that they make efforts to improve the video quality. Whether it’s production budget, audio, camera, or other assets, improving the production quality always attracts new views. With constantly evolving digital space, new technologies make old content less likable. Improving video quality will enhance the experience of your target audience. 

Why one should make YouTube Shorts? 

The audience on your channel can be categorized into two- the ones who like watching long videos and the ones who don’t. Making Shorts will help keep up with the later set of audience base. The short video streaming option is the new trend on social media. And there’s a huge audience base that spends hours into scroll through such quick videos. Shorts are currently gaining momentum in India. Entering into this space will surely attract new viewers to your channel. YouTubers dominating their respective niches, if they don’t want to piggyback the social media trends can use Shorts as an option to grow the channel. They can make Shorts on engaging topics. 

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