Know how to become a YouTuber and how much creators earn

how to become a youtuber and how much they earn,

During the lockdowns of pandemic Coronavirus outspread, the digital space has seen a boom like never before. Many big and small YouTubers have revamped their video-making careers. Today, content creation for YouTube has become one of the legit career options and people have been earning greatly. If you wonder how much YouTubers earn and what all activities they do, then here’s your complete guide to become a YouTuber. Also, know the tricks of earning money from the platform. Those who already have YouTube channels and do not know how to monetize their channel, then they can consider buying YouTube views up to 500, 1000, or 1 Million for the cheapest price tags on websites such as Viewsfly. Once you complete the eligibility of minimum views count and watchtime hours, you can start earning from your channel, however, make sure to keep posting videos regularly.

How to become a YouTuber in 2021:

Make your mind

Making a career out of YouTube videos is not easy, because it takes time to start earning. If you want to become a YouTuber in 2021, then know why you want to do it. Know your earning goals and career goals. Once you make your mind, finalise a theme or niche for the YouTube channel. A YouTuber can’t possibly earn good views and other metrics without having a niche or identity on the platform. Before starting up the YouTube career, the video creator needs to focus on how he/she can build the brand/channel after launching it. Unless you start getting views, you won’t be earning from the AdSense. And only those make money from YouTube, who post similar types of videos and create an audience base( who are generally like minded). You can choose any- fashion, travel, lifestyle, news, tech and etc niche to create videos.

Gather the tools

Once you make your mind and finalise what type of videos you want to make, then start collecting the tools. Here’s a list of tools you would be needing for the production of the video.

  • Camera /mobile camera
  • Lights
  • Audio recorder
  • Tripod/ Stand
  • Video editing software
  • Memory card

Create and set up your YouTube account

Once you gather all the required tools for video production, get registered yourself on YouTube channel. You can use your Email ID and phone number to create a YouTube account. Here below are steps to create a YouTube account.

  • Open the YouTube app
  • In the top right, click Sign in option
  • Now click on the Create Account option
  • Then choose the option For Myself or To manage my business
  • Add all required details- about page, channel name, channel banner and profile picture, etc.

Produce the video

After you set up your YouTube channel, start with shooting the videos. If you are a beginner, then make a script for your video content and then start the shooting. Set up the light, camera angle and produce your first video. Make sure you check everything about the frame of the video.

Learn editing video and pictures

Learn the basics of editing the video and thumbnails on YouTube. Once you shoot your video, start editing it. During the initial stage, you can consider using free video editing software and image editing apps. This will help you reduce the production cost.

Publish your first video

After you edit the video, watch it multiple times to see the mistakes. You can re-edit if there is a need, otherwise you can publish the video. Make sure your headline is as per SEO requirement and use relevant keywords and tags in the video that will bring you good views. Using high quality keywords on YouTube is crucial in order to beat the competition and earn from the platform. If you want to save time for your content production, then you can get subscribed to paid schemes on sites such as Viewsfly, wherein you can buy real YouTube views. The site offers you plans for 500 YouTube views, 1000 YouTube views and 1 Million YouTube views. Decide the plan as per your budget and get subscribed.

Monetize the channel

After you post many videos, YouTube will notify you about monetizing your channel. You can start earning from the AdSense only after monetizing the channel. Once you monetize the channel, the ads will start appearing on your videos. Make sure to set up your channel as per the eligible category for monetization.

How much do YouTubers earn?

Depending on the audience engagement on your channel, the ads get played. YouTube also diverts the ads to your channel, when you have great SEO, keyword set up as well as good watch time. YouTubers get paid on a monthly basis as per their AdSense performance. Eg: A video like Gangnam Style with a billion views would earn $7.8 million (57,92,78,700). Depending on the channel metrics one can earn. not every other YouTuber gets paid similarly.

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