5 Ways To Increase Viewers Average Duration For More YouTube Video Views

increase youtube video views,

One thing that all the beginner YouTubers worry is about watch time, which they earn after viewers engage in watching the videos. Watch Time is one of YouTube’s most important ranking metrics, however, it is not easy to improve the watch time and make viewers spend more time on your youtube videos. Here in this article, we take you through details of how to increase watch time on your own YouTube videos/channel. Check out some really interesting tricks to increase the viewer’s average duration on your videos.

Here’s the top 5 ways to increase your avarage youtube views duration

  • Pay Attention On Trending Videos
  • Use YouTube Analytics
  • Know Videos Have More Likes And Comments
  • Curate More Interesting Content
  • How Social Circle Is Helping Your Videos

Pay Attention On Trending Video

YouTubers often dump many videos on their YouTube channels having the aims of increasing views and other metrics such as subscribers, likes and comments. However, many of them don’t know what actually is working for their channel. Paying attention to all of your videos is crucial. Always keep tracking what’s working and what’s not. Make a note of what type of videos brings you a good number of views. If your videos are not earning great views during the initial stage, then you can purchase real youtube views from youtube promotional sites like Viewsfly, which gives you real youtube views, which then can help you get more viewers engagement.

Use YouTube Analytics

Over the years, YouTube has enhanced the experience of creators and all other users on the platform. YouTube allows the creators to see the analytics of their videos and overall channel. From the analytics section you can track which videos have descent watch hours and count of views. This can give you a clear idea about what topic are working for your channel. Also, the analytics lets creators know from which region they have been getting the traffic, which is again a great thing when it comes to choosing content topic. Based on your analyzation on video analytics, you can make changes in your future videos to attract the viewers and to make viewers spend more time on your videos. On the other side, if you want to avoid of this hassle then, you can buy views online for YouTube videos.

Know Videos Have More Likes And Comments

Once you figure out which type of videos are bringing you good number of views, you can make a similar type of videos more in quantity. If a few types of videos has not performed well, then you can study and find the reasons why they didn’t. YouTube is all about experimenting and keeping the level up. The one who learns the tactics of using YouTube’s analytics, earns the more. Always keep in check with your comments and likes count, to have a clear idea about video performances. Also, engage with the users in the comments so they can build a connection with you, this will lead to higher chances of them coming back to and watching the videos again and again. And that’s how you can increase the viewers time on your video. You can also consider buying the views, which will simply give to watch time also.

Curate More Interesting Content

The first most important thing on YouTube is presenting content that is eligible of going viral and can garner more views/watch time. Thus, curate some interesting topics for YouTube channel and make little more efforts in enhancing the quality of the video. Many big YouTubers keep improving the quality of video, audio, editing, and SEO from time to time. They are always in search of what’s not working for their channel and know what’s working. Make those type of videos which can’t be copied by the competitor creators and that which stands alone in the ranking page.

How Social Circle Is Helping Your Videos

Having a strong social circle is a must when you want to get more and more views in order to increase the average watch time hours. If you have good number of followers on social media platforms, then you can promote your YouTube videos there. People who know you, will surely watch the videos on your YouTube channel. You can use this trick to get more users spending time on your videos, they will also improve the engagement metrics on the channel.

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