How to make money on YouTube

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Making money from YouTube has become one of the mainstream career options today. Every time someone sees an ad on a YouTube video, it counts toward the YouTuber’s AdSense account. The content creators on YouTube start earning after hitting the 10,000 views counts. Thus views and watch time are extremely important gmishaoals for all the video makers on the YouTube platform. In case if you are a beginner YouTuber, then you can consider buying the views from platforms such as Viewsfly. All you have to do is get subscribed to their paid plans and easily get working views on your videos and channel.

Complete guide on how creators earn money from YouTube:

  1. YouTubers start off with posting videos on their channel. The more interesting the content, the more views it will attract which helps to get more views.
  2. YouTubers set up their channel with proper logo, display image, about page and other details. They keep posting videos to get more and more views (organically or inorganically).
  3. YouTubers indulge in creating engaging content for their channel, which can make them eligible for monetization.
  4. Once their channel hits the eligibility criteria i.e. 1000 subscribers count, 4000 hours watch time and 10,000 views (needs to be earned in the span of one year), the content creator can start earning from the AdSenses
  5. Creators get paid on a monthly basis from YouTube’s monetization programme. The creator makes money from every ad that is played on their videos. 
  6. Not all the creators make the same amount of money from the platform. It depends on the type of content that you make and how the audience is engaging with your videos. 
  7. YouTubers promote their videos on social media platforms as well to build a community and to keep their audience subscribed. This allows them to count on the subscribers who would be the first one to watch the video giving them views. Creators can always have an estimated expectation of views count every time they post something. 
  8. YouTubers create videos on viral or trending topics to bring them on top trends list. This instantly boost their views count and boost the overall performance of the channel. Improved performance leads them to getting more ads, wherein one can generate more money
  9. Earning YouTubers do not indulge in posting abusive content or make videos that don’t fit the YouTube’s community guidelines, then ads won’t be played on their channel. 

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