How to optimize YouTube descriptions for more video views

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YouTubers (small or big) would not be able to make passive earnings from YouTube, without putting efforts into SEO optimization which includes optimization of title and descriptions. Those who monitor the YouTube analytics in a timely manner, would surely know the importance of garnering prominent metrics on the channel such as views count, watch time hours, subscribers, likes as well as real audience engagement. Because these metrics decide to get more Youtube video views and the earnings on the platform. Having an active audience base on the channel is one of the effective ways of putting the channel on the path to success. To achieve all the metrics, creators must follow the SEO optimizations. YouTube has its own algorithms for providing better services to its users. The Creator’s job is to support these algorithms if they aim to earn from the paid partnership programs. Here’s everything you need to know about optimizing YouTube descriptions with simple guides and effective tricks which will help to get more video views.

Why does optimizing YouTube video descriptions matter?

All the information/keywords manually put into the video in the form of video title, tags, hashtags, locations, thumbnail, etc allows YouTube to identify the correct videos for any searched term. YouTube algorithms, which constantly keep evolving to enhance the user experience, need to crawl through your channel videos, only then the videos can perform well on the platform. Along with your video title and tags, YouTube description text is to understand the content type when it crawls your channel. The video description also gives a short briefing of the video. A well-optimized description can boost your video’s rankings in YouTube’s organic search list and suggested video options. Well, one can also consider buying real youtube views.

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Effective ways of garnering more video views with Youtube description

  1. Keyword Research: Do research on keywords with high-volume that work well on the platform. Start typing any word into your YouTube search bar. You can see beneath the search suggestions, YouTube lists several related keywords as suggestions to the user. You can use high volume keywords for your video description as well as title
  2. Use Perfect / Unique Descriptions: YouTube channel’s description shall tell the audience everything that they can watch in the video from video subject to topics. The description should be short, attractive as well as rich with keywords for optimising
  3. Use Most Searched Terms: YouTube as well as other social media platforms allows users to know the trends on the platforms. This gives the creators an idea about what people at the current moment would prefer watching. Use the terms which are popular and covers a huge audience base
  4. Know How To Use Keywords: You need not do keyword stuffing in your YouTube video descriptions. Such practises can only harm the video ranking performance rather than boosting the metrics. Use keywords wisely. Add keywords in the descriptions which describe the video best and avoid the keywords which you feel wouldn’t work
  5. Use Simple Language: YouTube video description gives a short brief to users about the content of the video, without having the need to watch the complete video. Thus use simple language to describe your video. Keep it short and minimal. You can add a few relevant hashtags in the video descriptions to optimize them
  6. Track Channel / Video Performances: Check the video performances on the channel. Know the insights of the video from analytics to how the audience have been reacting to your videos. Check the old videos specifically. If you find videos with great content that could garner views, watch time hours and audience engagement, then you can make a few changes in the video descriptions/title. Use latest trending terms or high volume keywords for these old videos and wait for a few days to track the ranking performances of the same.
  7. Avoid Clickbait: The more you avoid using clickbaits, the better it is for your YouTube channel to perform well on the platform organically. For some videos it’s exceptional considering the need of views counts when you collaborate with brands for sponsored videos. However, unnecessary and constant use of clickbait can affect the branding of the channel as well as viewership behaviour.

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