Tips to increase YouTube views with Thumbnails

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Ever imagined how YouTube videos would be like without thumbnails? Thumbnail creatives are potential views attractor on YouTube platform. Alongside bringing impressions and CTRs on the channel, they give an identity to the channel videos. Because the majority of audiences on YouTube have the short attention span, they don’t read all the headlines in search result rank pages to identify a video or creator. Instead, a majority sections prefer seeing thumbnails to judge the quality of the video before clicking on the play button. Thumbnails are as important as the keywords on a YouTube channel. Creators aiming to generate heavy money from the platform never ignore the power of a thumbnail. Here’s everything you need to know about how YouTube video thumbnails increase video views. And if you want to garner views on your channel easily, then get subscribed to Buy views online on this side and boost the performance metrics of your YouTube videos.

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What are YouTube video Thumbnails?

Thumbnails on YouTube videos are creative images that are inserted by the creators to give a special identity to their video. With the help of the video thumbnail, creators display the content of the video in a picture format. Thumbnails generally prompts users to click the play button on the video. Whenever a user search for any topic on YouTube platform, the first thing they usually notice are the video thumbnails and later they see the headlines, channel name and views of the video, etc to determine the quality of video.

Effective ways of boosting YouTube video views with Thumbnails:

  1. Conveying the topic of the video content in thumbnails
  2. Do not copy others, but give a voice to your videos with different and unique thumbnails
  3. Choose template for your YouTube videos
  4. Keep the text attractive and short on the video thumbnail
  5. Customize video thumbnail according to your channel type and audience taste
  6. Use pleasing, bright, and attractive colors on the thumbnails
  7. If you insert the host’s images, then prefer inserting the pictures that have surprise elements with attractive faces on the thumbnail
  8. Maintain a theme for channel thumbnails and keep all the thumbnails similar

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