How You Can Get Your YouTube Certification?

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In such a scenario, it becomes important that you as a creator tread the path of content production with utmost clarity and a thorough groundwork. And, one of the ways to do this is to get a YouTube certification. This not just lends authenticity to you as a creator but, also establishes you in the content market and pushes your reach to unthinkable horizons. As a result, you get staggering YouTube views. So, let’s get started and understand the possibilities of YouTube certification and how you can get it.

What exactly is a YouTube certification?

YouTube certification is a program that allows creators to better themselves with using YouTube where they get acquainted with all the features and channel management provided by the platform. YouTube certification is a series of courses that focuses on concepts like that of rights management as well as advanced analytics.

Eligibility for YouTube certification:

YouTube certification is only for eligible applicants. One has to be a YouTube partner to get the certification completed. Once you’ve created a YouTube channel and have been uploading content regularly, you can apply to become a YouTube Partner. The process involves logging into your YouTube channel and clicking on channel settings, after which you’ll be required to verify your youtube account.  Once verification is done by confirmation call or text to the account holder’s phone number, you attain the status of a YouTube Partner.

Types of YouTube certifications:

YouTube certifications are broadly classified into YouTube Company certification and YouTube Individual Certifications. Let’s understand the two certifications and whom they’re directed at.

1. YouTube Individual Certification: This certification is for content creators who are relatively new to the field and are looking to build a successful channel. As stated earlier, for you to attain individual verification, qualification includes being a YouTube Partner. The Partner program hand picks creators according to of their channels’ popularity and shares some of the YouTube revenue. You can then enroll for the Individual program as a means to monetize your channel. Your content must meet three pre – requisites for you to be selected as a YouTube Partner, this includes: creating original content or videos, owning the right to monetize all your video or audio content and uploading content regularly to your channel. Individual certification is valid for one year from the date you attain it.

2. YouTube Company Certification: As the name suggests, this is for companies that use YouTube’s managed business services such as video promotion, optimization, channel or playlist management, ad campaigns, and monetization. YouTube mandates that such an enterprise should have 75 % of its workforce, or at least three strategic individuals who are certified in YouTube Channel Growth, Content Strategy, Asset or Content Monetization and Content Ownership.

The YouTube Certification Exam:

The YouTube Certified exam is done as per the modules, and the Channel Growth certification paper involves 100 questions that have to be taken in 2 hours. The passing marks are 75%. Failing to score at least 75% will require you to retake the exam one more time. A second failure of the YouTube Certified exam leaves you with one more alternative to re-enroll after six months.

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