Simple Ways To Verify YouTube In 2021

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Digital presence drives every business today. No matter what industry you belong to, a strong foothold in the digital space can open a Pandora box for your business. The same goes for YouTube, for content creators, YouTube is a go-to platform as it doesn’t involve huge licensing fees like other OTT giants. All you have to do is make content and upload it on your channel for free. That’s the kind of liberty YouTube gives to its content partners. However, this is just the start, you can grow your business of content creation in numerous ways with the help of YouTube features and amass a greater number of YouTube views on your channel. One of these features is getting verified by YouTube which means that you’re one of the valid content creators on this platform. If you verify your Youtube account, it unlocks many opportunities for you to grow your channel and pool in an active audience from all corners thereby, getting high footfall on your videos.

Let’s see what YouTube verification is and with YouTube’s updated terms of service , youtube verification process of 2021.

First and foremost, YouTube verification badges and YouTube account verification are two entirely different things. The YouTube verification badge is a grey checkmark or a grey music note shown next to the channel name of a YouTube creator or a YouTube artist, respectively. This verification badge cements the credibility of your YouTube channel. It implies that your YouTube channel is run by a real human being, an established creator, or an authenticated brand/organization and not a bot. It gives legitimacy to you or your brand. Verification badges are exclusive only to those with at least 100,000 subscribers. That’s when the platform considers a creator as an “established” one. However, the little grey badge does not give you access to additional features though it’s a tool for social proof that can make your brand stand apart.

Talking about the YouTube account verification process, it’s relatively simple. By verifying your account, you’ll be given a facility to upload videos over 15 minutes long, add custom thumbnails, live stream, and appeal content ID claims.

1. Log on to, in the left-hand toolbar, scroll down and click on, “Settings”.

2. In the “Settings” menu, click on “View additional features” (located beneath “Your Account”).

3. Click on, the “Verify” button.

4. YouTube will then ask you to choose your country of residence and choose whether you want to get a phone call or text to get your verification code.

5. If you opt for the phone call option, then click, “Confirm.”

6. Enter your phone number and click on, “Submit.”

7. Once you receive the six-digit verification code, enter the same in the text box and click on, “Submit.”

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Youtube Verification

And that’s how you can verify your YouTube account and earn the perks and additional features that come with it. Many of these have green dots next to them on the Additional Features page. These features include:

External annotations: Links to the websites outside of YouTube can be placed in your videos after account verification.

Custom thumbnails: You can upload custom images to act as the thumbnail for your video.

Unlisted and private videos: You can also grant limited access to your videos to selected individuals.

However, it should be noted that you may lose your account verification if the account actions are not in line with YouTube’s policy in which case YouTube can and will revoke your verification if you violate their Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. Don’t change your channel name.

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