How to increase YouTube views by analyzing YouTube analytics

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The team of YouTube has been working significantly to improve the audience as well as the creators’ experience on the platform via youtube analytics. Creators make money by posting videos that suit YouTube’s paid partnership program and YouTube generates revenue by displaying ads on the platform. There are millions of creators across the globe, who put in a lot of effort in making videos with the intention of garnering views and watch time hours. YouTube on the other side supports the creators to make videos on the platform. With the aim of helping creators on the platform, YouTube has introduced the YouTube Studio, wherein creators can check real insights into their videos and overall channel. From audience type to engagement rate, YouTube Studio gives free tools to enhance the content creation experience. With all the free tools on the platform, YouTube tries to support the creators by allowing them to make money from AdSense. These tools help creators garner more views alongside real subscribers and audience base. If you want to boost up your channel’s performance, then consider buying views online on sites such as The site not only gives effective views on videos but also has an attractive range of packages for views i.e 500, 1000, 10,000, and more views in an affordable price tag range.

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Effective ways of using YouTube analytics for video views:

Study watch time hours:

Views count as well as watch time hours on YouTube matter the most when it’s about generating revenue from the platform. The views count on videos/channels indicates how many people clicked onto the video. On the other hand, watch time indicates how much time people have spent watching the videos. Watch time hours is one of the crucial metrics in learning if the audience has liked the content in the video. By analyzing the watch time metrics, one can make changes in their video content or channel to attract a wider audience base. This helps in improving video views count and watch time hours. 

Examine audience type:

Not all YouTube channels earn the same amount and not all channels have a similar audience base. Considering the type of videos posted on any channel, the audience base would reflect people who love watching those particular types of videos. Having proper knowledge about the audience on your YouTube channel is crucial to understand the platform dynamics. One who knows how to the audience on their channel, knows what type of videos needs to be produced in future, they know what age category people visit their channel often, they know people from which regions are most active on their channel. This helps creators make content that is suitable for the region, age category as well as gender-specific.

Identify traffic sources:

Producing videos and dumping them on YouTube is just not enough when the prominent aim of the creator is to garner more and more views to make money. The creator must identify all the traffic sources on their channels. This gives the real metrics of where the audience reaches your video URL. Traffic sources on any YouTube channel could be social media platform driven such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest including others. By having the real information from where you get viewers on your channel/video, you can beef up those options to gain further profits in the form of video views and watch time hours.

Learn which videos have worked and that which didn’t:

YouTube analytics allows users to see real insights into the video performances. Creators can check the video reach, impressions, revenue, audience type, likes, comments, and much more. One can take a glance at most worked videos on the platform and those which couldn’t manage to garner views. The creator can analyze what topics or types of videos have worked the best for the audience type on his/her channel and what type of videos this audience base didn’t like watching. By making few improvements in the video content, one can make videos with only the intention of garnering more views organically for free of cost.

Check engagement rates:

No YouTuber can pave his / her way towards success unless they know the engagement rates on their platform. Even if creators prefer buying views online, they can’t lead their channels towards generating more revenue, if they don’t know the real engagement metrics of their videos and overall channel. Engagement rates basically showcase the total number of likes, dislikes, and comments, reach impressions, watch time hours, and other metrics. These metrics showcase how a video performed for certain SEO keywords and video content. Creators who examine the video content and SEO practice on their channel can significantly improve the views count and watch time hours by adopting a few needed changes.

How to use YouTube analytics?

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio 
  2. From the left menu, select Content
  3. Go To Channel Analytics, or select Analytics from the left-hand menu
  4. You can see Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue of the channel/video
  5. The advanced mode shows detailed breakdown of the channel analytics alongside the metrics for individual videos

How to use YouTube analytics from mobile?

  1. Open YouTube Studio and sign in to your account
  2. Click onto the View More from the Dashboard
  3. Choose any option from the Overview, Reach, Engagement, Revenue and Audience
  4. You can check single video performances as well, by individually clicking on them video title

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