Promote YouTube Channel in 10 ways for more views in 2021

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Watch time hours is one of the crucial metrics for measuring the success of any YouTube channel in 2021. Hence we need to promote youtube channels in order to get more video views as the count of YouTube video views equally matters when it is about judging the success of any channel. Creators are mostly driven by the number of audiences who visit their channels each week, month, or year. Video creators put in equal amounts of effort in video production in comparison with video promotions. Big creators and YouTube influencers are always in a race for garnering more and more views count and watch time hours on their channels.

If you are looking for ways to garner more views for your videos, then prefer buying views online from The site not only gives real views but also allows users to purchase views for a reasonable price tag. Here’s everything about how you can promote a YouTube channel in 2021 with ten effective ways.

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Effective ways to promote YouTube channel in 2021:

Promote videos on social media:

Even if you don’t have an audience base on social media platforms, make sure to promote your videos/channel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. Social media platforms have enough potential to drive the traffic to YouTube channels if good SEO practices are installed on channels. By promoting the videos on social media platforms, you would not only garner more views and watch time hours on channel, but you will also build your own community on the social media platforms which will give your loyal audience.

Target audience:

Many YouTubers fail because of having no proper knowledge about their field of work. Creating many videos and dumping them on the channel won’t work for garnering views and earning from the platform. One needs to make videos keeping the target audience in mind. Successful creators always maintain a niche on their channel and they keep producing similar types of videos considering the targeted audience. YouTube helps the creators to focus on the target audience by allowing the creators to see the video analytics and real metrics. Targeting the audience is one of the effective ways of promoting the videos. Having a set audience base, your videos won’t fail to bring that set amount of views to count from videos.

Cross-link promotions of YouTube videos:

Your YouTube channel will garner more and more views when you promote the videos in cross-link format over other social media platforms. You can allow the audience to watch half of the snippet from the video, prompting the visitors to click on the link which would open on YouTube platform. Crosslink promotions are effective in bringing new visitors to the platform. And the link won’t be expired until you want to remove it from any of your social media posts. Consider cross-posting video links on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages. You can also pin your important videos.

Create eye-catching thumbnails:

Creators miss grabbing half of the video views because of wrong / unattractive thumbnails on their YouTube videos. Creating an attractive thumbnail for the channel is crucial when you want to promote the video without investing a big fortune. But how successful creators make YouTube video thumbnails? They include colorful texts, use attractive images/emojis, and include a surprise element in the thumbnail to prompt the users to click on the video link. Learn to make the video creatives as that of professionals and enhance the views count on your channel organically. On the other hand, if you have money then simply buy the views online.

Run contests to expand your reach:

Nothing is more working than the contests and announcing freebies for the audience on YouTube channel. People like participating in fun contests to earn gifts and great deals from the channels/creators. Running a contest is one of the efficient ways of promoting the channel and videos on the platform. People will remember your channel even after months of contest being executed. Also as per the experts, creators have recorded an increase of new visitors percentage on the channel when they ran the contests.

Organize your content into playlists:

No one likes putting effort into searching for great videos from the playlist of YouTube channels they follow. Instead people prefer searching for the topics to watch it from the homepage of YouTube. With advancement on social media platforms, people’s attention span has narrowed down and thus creating an attractive playlist is crucial. Organize all of your videos as per the categories to keep your subscribers and new visitors satisfied.

Promote channel verbally at events or public places:

Successful video creators never fail grabbing up the opportunities to promote their channels or videos. Promote your videos or YouTube channel verbally whenever you meet new people or attend public events. Verbal promotions are always impactful and long lasting one. People will remember your channel when you promote in the right way. Start the conversation with the right tone and happy space of mind to promote your videos. Shell out positive influence over people through your videos.

Participate in YouTube community programmes:

Ever wondered why creators on YouTube platforms always talk about participating in YouTube community programmes? Well, it’s all because of the benefits it gives to the creators. Join the community programmes to enhance your understanding of the platform and wider audience. Learn how creators attract more and more views on their channel and raise their earnings from the platform. YouTube on the other side also organizes interesting programmers for creators across the globe to influence and motivate the creators for better content creation.

Collaborate with creators:

Make a list of YouTube creators who have a subscriber base similar to your channel and get connected to them through social media platforms. Talk to them and eventually plan to collaborate with them on agreed terms. By collaborating, creators not only meet a new set of audience base but also create a friendly environment for the new visitors( who are loyal subscribers to the collaborating partner).

Improve video content quality:

If you have tried and tested all the methods of bringing views on your channel and if still nothing works effectively, the dear one you need to work on your video content quality. Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not bringing views and watch time hours on your YouTube channel. Try to improve the tools you use, invest little more time for video production tasks, be more friendly to your audience and connect with your audience.

If you found these tips helpful, then do let us know. For more such updates, stay hooked on to this space.

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