How To Get More Views On YouTube Video

get youtube views

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, where it is widely used for promoting video content. It has become a vital platform for entertainment and education. According to an estimate, there are around 22 billion monthly visits. This is a massive figure and you’re struggling to get views on YouTube, then here you can learn how to get more you use or free by using simple techniques and utilizing YouTube’s platform completely with top optimization features.

There are thousands of YouTubers who were daily pushing fresh content on this massive social media platform, that is the reason nowadays social media website uses the strict algorithm to filter out those who are not providing engaging content or mergers spammers. Without optimizing your video content on YouTube you cannot get YouTube views. So, you’re going to learn how to get free YouTube views by simply using the right content, tags, and various other strategies of video optimization.

YouTube is also a lucrative platform for making money, content that goes viral unable to get millions of views instantly which are later converted into real-world money paid by YouTube. It may sound easy, but today building up an impressive audience who can offer you high engagement is tough but not complicated. YouTube wants you to follow healthy policies to promote your content and get more engagement from a genuine audience. So to save your time, you can follow strategies mentioned in this article to get more YouTube views, free and instantly.

How to get more YouTube views for free

get youtube views

Before we start to dive deeper into how to get more YouTube views, plastic an example of one of the most popular YouTuber PewDiePie. On an estimate, this YouTuber earns more than $ 7 million through his videos. Few more YouTubers can earn such a high amount after getting viral. But this was not done in a single day, if you check the background then they have spent years in building your YouTube channel and later once they can capture users’ attention they turned into a rock star. With the right strategy and right targeting to reach the right amount of people and with the tiny can achieve whatever goal you have planned on YouTube.

Similar to other search engines YouTube also uses an algorithm to the rank of video and post them on the trending page. You will not see every video in the trending section of YouTube, only those who are having enough number of followers and high engagement rate can make their way in the trending post. This is where you could have a lot of free YouTube views, but how can you reach that page?
Now you will learn some top strategies which will help you to optimize your YouTube video and get high engagement and 99% of the time. Without optimization your videos might not capture the attention of users, remember YouTube has a high number of audiences who will watch your videos around the globe on the text of all mobile platforms. You cannot also manipulate YouTube SEO to rank high, instead, focus more on providing the best quality content and follow our strategy below to get YouTube views instantly.

Top Strategies To Get Free YouTube Views:

Strategy 1 – Keyword Research – What Users Want?

get youtube views

Keyword research is an SEO technique followed by many marketing professionals to learn what is going on in the market. You usually want to know what people want to watch or you go with and keyword research. For example, if you have a video on a recipe and try to research through various platforms like get the best ideas. YouTube also offers you autosuggestion is you just have to type the important keyword in YouTube search box and you get the drop-down list of what people looking at. This is where you can top on your niche and earn free YouTube views instantly. All you have to do is to find a question and prepare the best answer most simply. So there are two ways to get a lot of YouTube views is by doing simple keyword research and finding what query users are looking for.

get youtube views

Above is a screenshot from, after searching the question in the keyword research tool, you will get relative things which is being searched online. On that basis, you can plan out the title of your YouTube video which can get instantly to the right audience and capture YouTube views for free. This is one of the best ways to get free YouTube views, and one of the top optimization techniques can be used for your YouTube video.

Strategy 2 – YouTube Title – Optimizing The Best Video Title

get youtube views

Once you know what users are searching on YouTube or search engines you can simply plan out the best title for your video. This will reduce the time users required to search your video on YouTube rank your content. It isn’t a fast and easy way to create the right necessity to watch your video on YouTube. Ample of time users will only view important things before clicking on your video, first is the thumbnail and second is the video title. This helps them to filter out the unnecessary video and to watch which they find which is informative. So it is an important part to optimize the YouTube video title to get free YouTube views instantly. Or else you just shooting in the dark. Without a proper title, you cannot get views or you cannot tell users what content your video has. So save your time and focus on keyword research first before you start building and informative title for your audience.

Strategy 3 – Thumbnail – Encourage To Click

get youtube views

The second most important thing is the video thumbnail, the title will help the user to identify what information you provided or what the video is about while the thumbnail will help a user to click. Thumbnails attract users to click and by default, they are kind of an important source to increase YouTube views. A lot of users even after putting the best title and description they have a poor quality thumbnail which lets to fall of views. In the above post screenshots, you can see the examples of how perfectly they have the title and the thumbnail which increases more than 60% chance of getting free YouTube views compared to other videos. The same applies to another type of video like entertainment, education, documentaries, travel, blogging, comedy, music, etc.

get youtube views

Another important usage of thumbnails and titles is the proper placement of your content in Google search. Whenever somebody searches a text for example, how a cake you will also see video recommendation and the proper title and thumbnail in it. So it is very important to place these two things perfectly based on keyword research and accurate image so that you get more views directly from YouTube and Google search engines.

Strategy 4 – Video Description – Explain What Is The Video About

A lot of videos on YouTube do not have proper description, in turn, this to your advantage and Peter competition right away. Descriptions play a vital role in the people what your video is about. It helps users to evaluate the content of your video and increases the chances of getting more video views instantly. Never avoid the description, a 500 hundred words description enough to tell the users what your video is or. A brief description will help them to understand more about your video and it will also improve your YouTube video rankings. A lot of time in the video is like cooking recipes there are different steps and ingredients required.

get youtube views

Instead of posting your videos or focusing on the accent users can directly read the description. This increases the chances of engagement rate and it will also make users like your video. More likes mean better ranking that will try to YouTube views from other users. YouTube likes to play as social proof that your video is of high-quality, without them you cannot convince new users that your video has informative content. So always try to add descriptive info and do not forget to share your social media links or website link in the description.

Strategy 5 – Labels (Tags), Annotations & Transcript

YouTube allows you to put tags, commonly known as Labels, add a minimum of 5 to 7 tags or Labels in each video like “recipe” “how to bake a cake”, etc. This will help YouTube to sort your videos into a relevant category and reach the targeted audience. Annotations are small text bubbles inside YouTube videos. A lot of YouTubers use this to make short comments or calls to action. Use them effectively to create engagement or guide users about your content. Finally, the last thing to do is add a Transcript. The transcript is an easy way to improve your video ranking because search engines cannot process video content. By default, YouTube will try to create a transcript automatically, but if you can upload one then you can help the YouTube algorithm to learn more about your video important keywords. You allow you to add your transcript to the video, create a script and upload it.

get youtube views

Instant Tips To Boost YouTube Views

The top five strategies to get YouTube views will work for everyone, but there are more ways to increase your YouTube views instantly without much effort. But everything requires a proper setup, which means your video must be complete if that includes the right title, thumbnail, description, and the other YouTube elements. It helps the YouTube algorithm to rank your video and allows you to reach more audience outsmarting existing competitors in the market. Once you’re able to build up enough subscribers you will get a fixed amount of YouTube views and you can later go with higher techniques to build more audience with time.

Making videos is a time-consuming process. So it is necessary to ensure that you keep the engagement ratio high to increase your YouTube views. This can be done by the content of the video, try to save users time by offering important information followers. Within also ask your audience to like and subscribe and later you can continue with the content. Create engaging videos, try to use different filters or video editing tools to add effects and music so that users do not get bored. After posting content, there will be users who will comment. They can be a coalition, feedback or brings a user who did not like your video. Always be positive when you reply and try to use the feedback as a technique for improvisation. Comments mean engagement, encourage users in your video to share feedback or you can simply create a curiosity adding the question about your next video.

Another way to capture attention to get more YouTube views is using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. you just have to find the relevant group or the right audience on this platform and share your videos. There is always a chance that you will get new users coming on your videos through these social media platforms. Always organize your videos in a playlist, for example, if you’re having a lot of video recipes create a dedicated playlist for the particular food item. It will help new users to get more info if they’re interested. In the gaming category, you had seen that videos associated with single-game are arranged into one single playlist. It helps users to know more about one particular topic without searching. So this indirectly is your YouTube views.

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YouTube Promotions Tips:

YouTube promotions are another way to get more YouTube views, but it is a part of a paid marketing plan. If you’re sure that your video is perfect and still it is not getting enough use any can go with promotions. Under these you can simply try to promote your content on various social media platforms like Facebook are running Facebook ads or you can also play with AdWords for YouTube ads. But everything here is chargeable and you have to research a bit before you start putting money. Popular YouTubers have enough budget to promote your video through advertisement. It is a simple and ethical way to capture more attention of the global audience to increase your YouTube views. But first, you have to export yourself in making videos and devising it so that you get free YouTube traffic to build a decent amount of subscribers. Remember this is a long-term process, there will be a few lucky ones who get instantly hit through a viral video. But for most of them. It’s a long journey. It requires expertise and patience.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and with millions of users already using them you have to be smart. YouTube offers you to use different optimization techniques that will guide you. How to stay ahead in the competition. Always start with engaging content. Focus more on what you’re giving to your users.

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