How To Download YouTube Videos Free (Online)

download youtube videos

YouTube is an amazing platform for online entertainment and to check out videos around the globe. Sometime you might like a video you want to share it with your friends or family. But due to issues, there are possibilities that the video might not load or because of Internet issues, the video remains unwatchable. So what is the best way to share videos or to preserve them for future use?

YouTube does not allow you to download, but the android YouTube app allow you to store videos offline. Which means you do not need an Internet connection to watch them again. But you cannot share them in video format like MP4 or AVI. But there are many ways to download YouTube videos so that you can watch them later on anytime in your free or while you’re traveling. In this way, you can save your Internet data as well as you can enjoy no disturbance while watching the same. In this article, you’re going to learn how to download YT videos and save them on your smartphone. Remember, you can download informative videos, lectures, etc. but some of the videos are restricted and are not allowed to download. This includes music videos, movie trailers, documentaries, etc. So do use the methods to download only those videos which allowed or available through the third party service.

How to download YouTube videos – Method 1

There are two popular online websites that you to download YouTube videos, they are Y2Mate and Keepvid. Here I’m going to show you how to use it two online services to download YouTube videos.

Download YouTube videos using Y2mate:

download youtube video

Go to and copy the URL from the address bar. This one is the default video addresses which will be commonly used to download YouTube videos. Most of the online services only require this video URL to download YT videos. The same URL is used to share videos with your friends on various chat messengers. So once you have the second download YouTube videos, but only which are allowed a lot of videos are restricted based on region and content.

download youtube video

Next open, in a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Paste the YouTube URL in the box of and click on Start.

download youtube video

There will be different video resolution choices, from 144p .3gp format to 1080 .mp4. You can click on the Download button right next to the size and format you need. Mp4 is the most standard and commonly used video format which is widely playable in different devices.

One of the reasons to use Y2mate, it also offers to get an MP3 format of the video. Let’s assume, for example, you are watching a video lecture and we don’t have enough time left. You’re going to travel for an hour or something. You can instantly convert the YouTube video lecture into an MP3 file. In this way, you can save a lot of time and your Internet bandwidth side-by-side. So using this simple online service you can download YouTube videos and gain more views instantly and also convert them into an audio format is required.

Download YouTube videos using

download youtube video

Similar to Y2mate, there is one more similar platform that can help you to simply download YouTube videos instantly. The procedure to download YT videos is the same, you need to grab the video URL of YouTube and then copy-paste it in the download box of Click the tiny grey icon next to the box, to start downloading the YouTube video. Downloading videos from is extremely simple and straightforward. After grabbing the URL you just have to paste it in the box. Once it is able to fetch the video, it will show you the different formats available and the resolution. The best is 360 if you’re using it on a mobile phone and 720 if you want to watch it on a PC. You just have to press the download button and start downloading the video from YouTube. also has a Firefox extension that can allow you to download YT videos in one click.

download youtube video

On Mozilla Firefox install the extension and there is no need to open the website on a browser. Whenever you visit a YouTube video on a browser extension will automatically detect the video and with one single click, you can download it. The benefit of using this extension is it gives you right below the video options to download it. This is a timesaver and it also helps you to get the right size of video you want instantly along with the size details. So it isn’t a fast and easy way to download YouTube videos directly on your PC using a simple Firefox extension.

Other than Y2mate, many add-ons can help you to instantly download online videos including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it is necessary to test whether the add-on is compatible with the latest version of Firefox or not. A lot of such extensions are outdated but they still work. Try to find the one which has good ratings or which is widely used by many users. The benefit of using such add-ons is that it gives you one-click download, no need to copy-paste any URL anywhere.

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How to download HD YouTube videos – Method 2

Sometimes you want very high quality you and you’re not able to find a way to download it from YouTube. Ample of online services like the two mentioned above requires the YouTube URL and you can also see in the screenshots that HD quality videos do not have audio support. That means when you download those videos in HD some of them will not have any audio in them. HD quality videos look awesome on a big-screen TV and widescreen monitors. So if you’re looking for inspiration to download HD YouTube videos without much effort, then this section will guide you. There is a simple tool, which looks like a command prompt used to download HD YouTube videos.

Download YouTube videos using youtube-dl:

youtube-dl is not just restricted to download HD videos you can download almost any format form this. You will need to download youtube-dl and to run it install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. Download links for both are provided below.

  1. Download youtube-dl
  2. Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

Copy youtube-dl.exe in a folder first, then right-click by holding Shift. Click on the Open Command window here. Type youtube-dl.exe file in the command window to start the application. Next, you have to provide the full YouTube Video URL, you can either type it or copy-paste in the command prompt. The download will start and the file format stored is MKV. If you find this step complicated then leave it, many online tools can help you to HD YouTube videos. You can use multiple services to download HD YouTube videos. Some downloaders can be used to do the same thing, but they require installation. Instead of that using online services directly download YouTube videos is are safer. Most of the time you can easily download HD videos using the top two services, we had mentioned in this article. There is no requirement to use the command tool, but in case if you need the best quality videos then you can try out using it.

Download HD YouTube videos using 4KDownlaod:

Visit and download the free 4K Video Downloader software. Install 4K Video Downloader which will hardly take a couple of minutes. The tool has an extremely simple UI where you have to provide the YouTube video url to start download videos. The benefit of using 4K Video Downloader to download youtube videos is you can add multiple URL at one time.

Another tool that promises simple steps to download HD YouTube videos is 4K Video Downloader. It is a simple offline tool of around 25MB. You can download it from The tool will is ideal to download HD or even higher quality videos instantly. There is a Paste Link button on the top left where you have to provide the YouTube video URL to download HD YouTube videos.

4k video download

Open the video you want to download, and copy the URL from the web browser. Go to 4K Video Downloader and just click on Paste Link. The tool will fetch the video you want to download. Click the three dots on the right of the video to find the download location. You can then copy these videos on your mobile or other PC to watch later. 4K Video Downloader is easy to use and simple tool, it offers you a faster way to download HD quality videos instantly.

There are many softwares like 4K Video Downloader’s, which are fast and easy to use. If you are frequently downloading videos from YouTube then installing one of this software is recommended.

Some software comes with an option to download the entire playlist, you can do this just providing the playlist link and you can download video from the complete YouTube playlist with one single click. 4K downloader comes with this feature, if you do not want to manually put the single link of each video to start download then just copy the Playlist link and use the paste link button. 4K downloader will scan out all the videos from the playlist and start the downloading. A less time consuming and easy way to download your favorite videos from YouTube.

How to download Private YouTube Videos?

Private youtube videos are the restricted one you cannot download then using these online services and to some extent, it is not allowed to download private youtube videos. To download youtube videos you will need a public video, which means it must be visible to everyone and it can be later downloaded using the third party online download providers. You cannot download it but you can watch private videos by contacting the uploader. It all relies on the uploader, so to some extent getting private videos is not possible. With private video, some of the restricted content that is not available in the region are also not available for download. Online sites like Y2mate cannot bypass the restrictions or region lock of YouTube.

How to download YouTube videos on Mobile

download youtube video

Usually, the service that works online on a web browser like Google Chrome works the same on a Smartphone. But you might get stuck on finding up a YouTube video URL on Android App. To get a video URL on YouTube App, launch the app and search the video you want. Then tap on share and select copy link.

download youtube video

Launch a web browser like Chrome and copy-paste the URL in the box of and tap on the white arrow download to get a list of suggestions. You can tap on the green download button to instantly get the type of video you want. In the above screenshot, you can see the list of videos you can download instantly that will be stored in the phone gallery. There are dedicated apps also available that can also help you to download YouTube videos, but this is the fastest way and does not demand any kind of third-party app installation. Also, it is the safest way to download YT videos on a mobile device, it can work on iOS devices also because there is no requirement to install any app.

Today you will many online video downloader’s, that works with all type of videos. If you want to download Facebook Videos, Twitter Videos, Reddit Videos or YouTube Videos everything is available at one single place. It is important to test out some different and beware of unnecessary ads that will popup and redirects. It is always safe to avoid installing any third-party tools when they are prompted by such free sites.

Ample of online YouTube video downloader is free and easy to use, they do not ask for any price required to download the videos. Using an online YouTube downloader is the fastest way to download YouTube videos, and convert them into mp3, mp4 or any other format offered. With no software needed you just require to share the links to start downloading, this is a very important feature missing in YouTube itself.

So grab your favorite link and start downloading today!

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