Five ways to get cheap YouTube video views

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Ever imagined how YouTube or social media platforms would be like if there were no importance given to views count? Sounds illogical, isn’t it? For some deserving reasons, the video views and watch time metrics are given importance on all the social media platforms including YouTube. Because they signify the real or fake audience watching the videos. Only those rule the social media platforms with higher counts of subscribers or engagement rates. But the challenging part is one needs to work hard to garner more and more views on videos. From monetizing the channel to collaborating with the brands, there’s a need for a strong views base and watch time hours. And thus, many content creators prefer buying views online for a cheaper price. Whether the creator spends money on video production tools or prefers buying the views directly for cheaper, the aim is to increase video views count. And it’s totally the creator’s choice. If you too want to boost the views on your YouTube channel, then prefer buying them on The site not only offers working views but also presents affordable plans of paid views. Here we take you through details about how to get cheap YouTube video views.

Interesting ways of garnering cheap YouTube views:

Buy video views online for cheap price tags

Although YouTube has its own algorithm for detecting bots and fake views, not all the paid views are considered illegal. List down the sites that give paid services of boosting video views for YouTube. And get subscribed to affordable schemes. is one of the most popular sites that sell real youtube views for an affordable price tag. Many industry insiders are known to have collaborated with the brand and it is trustworthy.

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Cross-promote YouTube videos on social media platforms

If you want to garner views on YouTube videos for free, then cross-promote the videos on social media platforms. To benefit from the social media platforms, one needs to have a great fan base that is potential enough to give a constant count of views on the YouTube videos.

Collaborate with popular creators

This one never goes out of vogue. Since the early age of YouTube coming into the mainstream video-making business, creators have been collaborating with each other to garner more audience base, subscribers, and views. Get connected to new or old creators with good metrics on their respective channels. You can talk to them through social media platforms and plan an epic collaboration. Make use of the opportunity to improve the views count on your videos and overall channel. Collabs always benefit both parties.

Familiarize your YouTube SEO

Formalising the SEO practise on your YouTube channel doesn’t cost anything. Also, it is free of cost and significantly effective. Perfect SEO set-up for any YouTube channel or blog can do wonders. Use appropriate keywords, tags, hashtags and descriptions with higher volume keywords. This practise will not only bring views on your channel but also improve the channel’s ranking performance on the platform.

Make working content

If you have tried and tested all the other methods of increasing views on your channel for cheaper and still nothing works, then the content is the key. There’s a saying in the video-making world that “Content is the King”. If nothing brings views on your YouTube channel, then dedicate yourself to making content that actually works. Find out trending and interesting topics to make videos. Include interesting content that you think the audience would like to watch without a skip.

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