How to go Live on Facebook

Live on Facebook

Videos are very popular nowadays, and many networks compete and generate millions of views, every day. So if you are not working in this area then you are missing a lot. Here you can learn how to go live on Facebook and how to get optimum results from it.

Facebook has opened up its live streaming feature long back, called Facebook as you can now go online, anytime you want. Today users are more interested in video umpire to images and text content. Video content hasn’t the potential to go viral and live streaming features are embedded by almost every social media platform. The Facebook live streaming feature is not just limited to a user or an influencer. It is a strong marketing tool, you can use to promote your brand and product. It is also a vital tool to grab more attention on this massive social media website.

Facebook has over billions of users and if you see the frequency of content posted every day. It will shock you. So how can you have an edge over existing users to pitch your product, first to such massive audience? For this, you can try Facebook Live, a feature that will discover in detail, find out its benefit and you will also learn how to go live on Facebook.

How to go Live on Facebook

Beginning with the main topic, you can go live anytime. It has also been a little controversial because this feature has been misused. However, keeping everything aside if you focus on promotes your brand or product, Facebook live is very useful. If you do not know how to go live on Facebook then just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your Facebook profile, the first thing you will see in your newsfeed.
  2. The first thing on the top you will see reason box where you can upload images, video and write text. This is how we use Facebook for sharing content.
  3. Below that box, there is a Live button when you tap on that it will access your camera and will show you the current footage.
  4. It will also show you the current online friends will get a notification once you go live.
  5. Add a proper title and description before you start the live video so that your users can know what you are showing them.
  6. You can also add live filters, lens or doodles on the screen to make your life video interesting.

How to go Live on Facebook – Important Tips Before you Start!

Now you know exact steps How to go live on Facebook. Because you start doing this to promote and market your product or content. It is necessary to understand how to effectively use Facebook likes feature. There are some key aspects you have to understand before you go live. It is pretty easy just tap on the live button and start streaming. But you are serious about marketing your product or content. It is necessary to make live video highly interesting. And this can be done through inbuilt tools and the tips that you can read below.

1. The Description – Why it Matters?

The description tells the user to watch your video is about. It is a timesaver and it is also one of the important aspects of the Facebook live streaming feature. With the help of the right description, you can help you, the user, to understand the crux of your video. For example, if you are live streaming of game video than in the description provide the proper title of the game and reach the level or what major content is part of that video. In the same way, if you are doing a live stream of any popular travel spot
then provide an accurate title and description of that location.

Live on Facebook

It is easier for users to understand what they are watching and if they are interested they will like your life video. Also, it has those users who are not interested in that type of content. So once you go live or best is to prepare before you go live. Take advantage of the title and description section and provide interesting details. Do not forget to add your location, use emoticons, and tag people.

Live on Facebook

This makes your live video more live and encourages the user to watch them with curiosity. It is necessary to provide accurate information before you go live on Facebook so that users can understand and offer their time to view it. Facebook like the video is also a smart way to increase user interaction.

2. Proper Privacy Settings – Important

Privacy Settings will allow necessary filters to your videos, which means you can restrict them to your Facebook Friends or Public or just keep it private if you want to test it. Facebook had made things extremely simple. With simple adjustments, you can modify the privacy settings of the video and then make it public if you are ready. Or else it is the best way to test the Facebook Live Video feature. After selecting on Live Video from Facebook Post box, on the top left you will see various privacy settings.

  • From here you can select one of the following options:
  • Public – Anyone on Facebook can watch your Live Video.
  • Friends – Only people in your Friends list can watch your Live Video.
  • Friends except – You can restrict a few friends in your friend list to watch the live video.
  • Specific Friends – Show only some selected list of people on your friend list.
  • Close Friends – Create your custom list of friends for your live video.
  • Only Me – Only you can see your Live Video.

Live on Facebook

With these four privacy options, you can save your time to adjust the right settings before you go live on the Facebook. The next important setting is Post, Story, select both so that the Live video can remain in your profile.

3. Facebook Live Filters, Lenses and Doodles

To make your video more interesting Facebook allows you to use various types of filters, lenses, and doodles. This feature is also very and with various options can make your video more interesting before you go live on Facebook. It is a kind of a fun thing to do, and attract users if you have such elements floating on yours. This year few examples of filters below filter will be added to like video anything change them whenever you want. There are so many things you can do on your live video to make it look highly interesting.

Live on Facebook

What are the benefits of Facebook Live streaming?

Facebook Live Streaming service offers you to broadcast real-time videos, it is highly useful and offers you share a lot with your users in a short time. Compared to posting text content and making a graphic image, going live is easy and fast. Facebook Live Videos are highly popular today among the young audience, and there are over millions of viewers broadcasting new content every day. So why not give it a try and use it as a vital tool for marketing. Also you can improve a lot of things here. If you want to become popular then this Live Streaming feature can help you a lot.

Stream Events: You can leverage the benefit of streaming events through the Facebook Live Streaming feature. You can also use it for your personal or business needs and if you want you to keep things private with the help of privacy settings. Streaming on Facebook is simple and fast, it will allow you to connect with a lot of new interested users.

Increate Interaction: With amazing features, you can get live reactions and comments on your video. It will help you to boost the engagement ratio and grab fresh consumers for your product or services. You can also check out what they think about the content of the video giving you real-time feedback. By commenting you can take down their queries and focus on making the next live video.

Discover New Content: Facebook Live helps users to discover something new based on their interest, if they had liked your page or if they are in your friend list, whenever you start a Live Video it will be visible on their new feed. So in this way you can create higher interaction with the user and increase your popularity.

Promote your Videos: Choose the option to share your video in the story and post. In this way, if you see interactions are higher you can use it to promote using Facebook ads where you can draw out more.

Always keep these videos in your profile or on the page and keep using them in the future if the information is still interesting to share.

Facebook Video Marketing Tips?

It is not possible to go Live every time on Facebook, but if you are getting a decent response on that you can use videos as viral marketing tools on Facebook to increase your popularity or to market your products to a wider consumer base. Here are some important points to remember using videos on Facebook.

Create a video advertising of 30 seconds maximum, it might not be enough, but it is the best time to instantly show something interesting to your users. People or the internet tend to avoid long videos. You can create a video and share a message with or without audio. Always keep your message clear and concise if the video is small.

Always try to be relevant and create interesting contributions to Facebook groups. This is where you can share info with others and market your videos or Facebook page. These are two interrelated things you can and at all costs do not spam. That means do not just send invitations or disturb users by sharing links, etc. Be a smart player here, avoid spelling mistakes and always share quality content. Use good quality images and always plan your posting. In this way, you can draw a lot more from Facebook and the next time you go Live on Facebook you will see more users attending it.

Now you know how to go live on Facebook, here are some pro tips for getting popular on Facebook.

1. Enhance your Facebook Photo:

Add a good profile picture to keep your Facebook profile genuine, it is easier for a user to authenticate your account. It is a starting point to boost your popularity on Facebook. You can use Photoshop to enhance the photos and make it look appear good.

2. Detailed Profile Information:

Add detailed information in your profile, include your proper name, email, contact details, etc. Facebook will act as a resume for you allowing users to find easily. It is necessary to fill up all the necessary details so that if someone wants to contact you, it will be easy enough for them.

3. Post Regularly:

If possible add something every day, update your status regularly -to keep your audience engaged and also there are chances with right hashtags you can land up into the viral feed.

4. Invite User:

Invite users who had liked your post or commented on it. You can add them to your friend list and it is the best way to start building an audience on your FB profile. It also boosts your social engagement ratio.

Following the above tips, you can do a lot on Facebook. Facebook like videos is an amazing way to connect with your audience and grab their attention. Every day millions of users are taking benefit of this feature. YouTube was considered as one of the best platforms to share videos. But now social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram have their in the live streaming feature helping users to get everything in one place. No expert video editing required neither any kind of studio. All you need is to get a smartphone with a good camera and start streaming videos. It has now become easier to make videos compared to creating custom images.

Facebook like video will help you to interact with your audience frequently as well, like share your story. It is a simple and fast way to get connected with the world and share your product or service you can also use Facebook advertisement later. Facebook is getting bigger day by day, and it is also competition from existing social media platforms. It is not necessary to target everyone, but you can use Facebook likes streaming feature to grab the best out of it. Here you have chances to go for free or paid advertisement as per your choice.

So go live today and share your story with the world.

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