How To Gain A Meteoric Rise In Real YouTube Views And Subscribers

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YouTube subscribers define the standing of your channel and the content decisions that you make. It’s a dynamic ecosystem, wherein your subscribers help you push the boundaries of your content. The more diverse your subscriber base, the better possibility you have to churn out the content of your choice. And of course, more subscribers invite more real YouTube views on your content. Hence, every content creator on YouTube strives to push up the number of subscribers as much as they can.

But, how can you achieve the feat of having a truly outstanding number of real youtube views and subscribers?

Well, the beauty of YouTube lies in the fact that there are several ways that can help you gain subscribers. You can literally use any of these ways to your advantage or better, mix a few of them to see those numbers hitting an upward curve in no time. Let’s take a look at some of the ways using which you can increase your subscribers and subsequent YouTube views real fast.

1. Keep the length of your videos between 10 and 30 minutes: The viewers have a pattern, they don’t easily place their bet on content that is lesser than 10 minutes or longer than 30 minutes in length. In addition, the YouTube algorithm favors videos longer than 10 minutes. If you want to compete with other creators in their niche, and also gain lots of views, it’s recommended that you create long-form videos. The reason behind this is simple, the YouTube algorithm takes into account that longer videos had more time and thought put into them. Hence, longer videos get featured more often than shorter videos. But again, as mentioned don’t go overboard with the length, moderation is the key.

2. First 10 seconds of the video is what all it takes: Statistically, 20 percent of viewers drop off within the first 10 seconds of your video if they don’t find it engaging or don’t connect with it. And this is where you need polish your game when it comes to the initial few seconds of your video. To make an awesome first impression, start your video with the most climactic part rather than nose-diving into it with a bland introduction. Take your viewers by surprise, play with their psychology, that’s where you can cultivate their trust and convert that into numbers.

3. Use an auto-subscribe URL: This one is a neat little trick which you can wear up your sleeve. While sharing your YouTube channel you can add a command to the end of your link. When users click on it they are prompted to automatically subscribed to your channel before actually visiting your YouTube channel page.

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4. Effectively designing your YouTube Channel Homepage: Make sure that your channel homepage is very welcoming. Use a channel trailer, give a good description about what your channel does including a good banner, and of course, a lot of playlists that tell the viewer exactly what your channel is about. This will render a dramatic rise to your subscriber base.

5. Buy YouTube views: When you buy YouTube views, it gives more people the chance to discover the videos of a channel, and then decide if they’d like to subscribe or not. Also, since it is cheaper to purchase views, creators could wind up with more subscribers in the end. It all depends on whether the viewers enjoyed the videos or not. Buying YouTube views gives videos a better rank on the YouTube search engine. The algorithm identifies videos with lots of views. Once YouTube spots that a video gets enough views, they reward the creator with better rankings. Once a creator and their video rank high in the algorithm, they start to see an influx of new viewers to their videos and channel. Viewsfly offers customized YouTube views to fit your content needs and your vision for your YouTube channel. You can get real YouTube views at minimal cost and eventually increase your subscriber base.

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