How To Do Youtube Keyword Research To Get More Views

keyword research for more youtube views,

YouTube has content for everyone from sports, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, cooking, infotainment, news to education, YouTube covers everything and has something for everyone. YouTube video views are one of the best ways to create brand awareness and promote your content. For instance, if someone wants to know how to wear a tie, all they need to do is to put their query in the search bar and YouTube will throw thousands of related videos answering the query. But, to get there and in order to arrive at precise answers, one has to be efficient at keyword research that makes a lot of difference while looking for solutions.

Keyword research is a powerful tool for both the viewers and the YouTubers. Your YouTube views depend on how well your tag and keywords are hardwired to popular search queries.

Let’s break down the process of keyword research in YouTube and understand what goes behind sound keyword research. 

1. Be precise to stay relevant: If you create videos on topics that are too broad, then you’ll attract an irrelevant audience. By the same notion, if you create videos on super-niche topics, then you won’t attract enough people. Get yourself out of these muddy waters by mapping out a hierarchy of topics that you’d want to cover. If you want to put up an unboxing video, then “unboxing” might be at the top of the hierarchy. From there, you might list popular brands. Then you could add specific models, under each of them.

2. Tailing the competitor: Do an in-depth analysis of the videos of your competitors and try to find out what keywords have given the best results.  Select the competitor channels that have the same number of subscribers as yours. Click on the ‘Videos’ tab and sort the videos by ‘Most Popular’. You will get the list of competitor videos that are getting the most number of views.  Analyze these videos and find out the keywords they have used in the title and description. This method can get you a good number of proven keywords for YouTube.

3. Using YouTube Keyword research tool: People’s search pattern on YouTube is a lot different than how it is on Google and this is evident with the data on Google trends concerning search volumes that don’t correlate with YouTube searches. Keeping that in mind one needs to use keyword research tools that focus specifically on YouTube. For instance, YouTube Auto Suggest: as you type your topic into the search bar you’re given a set of auto-completed suggestions which are generated by popular searches. This gives an excellent insight into what people are searching for around your topic. YouTube is literally giving you the goods!

4. YouTube Analytics: You should also pay attention to your YouTube Analytics, it’s a potential keyword research goldmine. It tells you the exact keywords that people use to find your videos. There can be two cases: 1. Your optimized keywords that resonate with your audience. 2. A new keyword being highlighted by your analytics is where you need to cease the opportunity to further your reach and push the YouTube views.

5. Get going with Google Trends: You can enter multiple topics or keywords and compare their popularity on Google trends. Look at trends in search volume for these terms. This will help you identify what people are interested in right now. You can also combine this method with autosuggest, too. If any terms stand out to you in YouTube autosuggest, plug a few into Google Trends and see how they rank. Both are very useful tools, on their own and together!

Put these methods to practice and you’d see your YouTube views climbing up in no time.

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